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Thermal Barriers and Fireproofing Systems in Lethbridge

Safeguarding your materials in a steel-structure property is extremely important. You might have stored high-value items in these structures and it’s essential to protect them from accidents such as fires. Prevent this by opting for quality thermal barriers and fireproofing systems in Lethbridge by Steve’s Urethane Inc.


At Steve’s Urethane Inc. we offer several different fireproofing options to protect your building depending on the needs of your project. We are experienced in application of various spray applied fire retardant products to bare unprotected steel structures as well as over exposed spray foam applications to meet code requirements. Rely on Steve’s Urethane Inc. for quality fireproofing systems in Lethbridge. 

Depending on your project, several options may be available. Steve’s Urethane Inc. is a licensed installer for several fireproofing products, including the following:


MK 6

MK 6 is a cementicious spray applied fireproofing for application to your steel frame buildings. Depending on your project, MK6 has various system designs and can be applied at different thicknesses to achieve a fire rating up to four hours. MK6 is ideal for interior applications and dries as a light grey.


HIBAR is a spray applied semi-cementicious mineral fiber insulation which can be applied to the structural steel on your steel frame building to achieve a fire rating. HIBAR can be sprayed over rigid structural substrates such as open web steel joists, beams, columns and floor and ceiling assemblies to provide an effective thermal barrier for various approved building designs. HIBAR also has testing and approval for application over spray foam.


Intumescent Paints are a spray-applied paints that swell as the result of exposure to heat. In the case of a fire, the intumescent coating swells and increases the volume and density creating protection for your structure. Intumescents are ideal where the design build calls for the exposed steel to be aesthetically pleasing.


Monokote MK-6

Monokote Z-3306 Thermal Barrier is a cementitious fire protective coating specifically formulated for application over rigid, urethane and polystyrene foam plastics. Monokote Z-3306 is spray applied on interior applications over spray foam on walls and ceilings and forms a hard, durable monolithic thermal barrier against heat and fire. In certain projects where the space will be occupied, spray foam cannot be left exposed and if drywall will not be installed Monokote Z-3306 will be installed to achieve code requirements.


Ure-K is a fiber thermal barrier that is applied to the surface of spray foam to achieve a thermal barrier. Application of Ure-K creates a monolithic surface which not only provides a thermal barrier but increases the system R-Value by 3.6 per inch and creates a highly efficient sound absorbent surface.

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Our team has been installing fireproofing systems for Lethbridge and surrounding areas across western Canada for over 40 years! Let us help you protect your building! Call us for more information. We also provide insulation services for properties. Fill out our online form to send us your questions. We will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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