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Spray Acoustics

Spray applied acoustics can help provide added privacy and a more peaceful work environment. At Steve’s Urethane we offer several solutions that can help absorb sound between rooms, in noisy workplaces and in areas with sound echo problems.


K-13 is a spray applied insulation providing R-value along with noise reduction properties. K-13 can be adapted to your specific project to include color, durability, condensation control and texture. K-13 can be applied to wood, steel, concrete, glass and other construction surfaces. In addition, it can be sprayed up to four inches thick in overhead applications without mechanical support and serves as the exposed finish, requiring no additional materials.


Sonaspray is a spray applied acoustical texture designed to provide an attractive, high performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in both new and renovation projects. Typical installations include schools, churches, auditoriums, passenger terminals, libraries, offices, hotels and cafeterias.

Blown Insulation

At Steve’s Urethane we offer blown insulation products which can be installed on their own or in combination with spray foam to create a highly efficient system to achieve your required R-value.


Weathershield is a cellulose insulation product made from cellulose fibre, a processed paper material treated with harmless, naturally-occurring chemicals. The paper used in this product is 100% recycled. Weathershield is installed in attics.

At Steve’s Urethane we service Lethbridge and surrounding areas across western Canada so feel free to contact us for more information or an estimate!

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