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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Spray Foam?
Spray foam is a 2-part system consisting of 2 liquid chemicals, isocyanate and resin. The chemicals are pumped through a specialized heating and pressurizing machine for application. The 2 chemicals are separate until just before they leave the foam gun where they are mixed at a specific temperature and pressure. The combined chemical reaction of the 2 materials creates an exothermic reaction which causes the material to expand and seal all cracks and crevices.

What Is R Value?
R-value measures the thermal resistance of a material. The higher the number of R-value, the greater the insulating value.

What Is the Difference Between Open Cell and Closed Cell Foam?
There are 2 types of foam available for application: ½ lb. foam, which is an open-cell foam and 2 lb. foam which is a closed-cell foam.

In open-cell foam such as ½ lb., the cells of the foam are not completely closed. The cells are broken, and air fills all of the “open” space inside of the material. This makes the foam softer feeling than closed-cell foam. ½ lb. foam requires a vapor barrier to be put over top of it and the R-value of ½ lb. is less than a 2 lb. foam.

2 lb. foam is a closed-cell foam, where all of the foam cells are closed and packed together. Advantages of closed-cell foam compared to open-cell foam include increased strength, higher R-value and greater resistance to leakage of air and water vapor.

Does Foam Off-Gas?
All manufacturers’ materials will off-gas to some extent during application and the area will require venting. As soon as those off-gases leave the room, the foam is completely safe and there is no off-gassing of the foam after the initial application. The application area may require 1-24 hours depending on the project. Steve’s Urethane staff will review your project with you to ensure that your project will be done as safely as possible. All materials used by Steve’s Urethane are tested and approved meeting building code requirements and conditions for safe occupancy.

How Long Will It Last?
Once foam is applied to your project, it will last an extremely long time. When properly installed and not altered after installation, the foam will easily last the life of your building. Spray foam has excellent insulating and sealing properties and will out-perform all other types of insulation. Spray foam insulation adheres to nearly all substrates.

What Makes Foam Such a Good Choice?
Spray foam can be used almost anywhere! It works to make your building efficient by sealing cracks and joints and prevents unwanted air movement through your structure. It adds structural stability to your building and provides a comfortable environment. Spray foam gives you a high R-value and has a long life span that does not deteriorate over time. Best of all spray foam is energy efficient and can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 50%!

Why Choose Steve’s Urethane?
Since 1981, Steve’s Urethane has earned a reputation for superior work and customer satisfaction. Steve’s Urethane uses certified installers to achieve a quality product that meets our customers’ approval.

Steve’s Urethane is a member of the Canadian Home Builders Association, the Lethbridge Construction Association and the Better Business Bureau. Steve’s Urethane is also a certified installer for the following:

With 4 self-contained rigs, Steve’s Urethane is equipped to provide you with the best service. Call or email us today!

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